Heattrak heated stair mats, walkway mats, and carpeted entrance mats are the latest and greatest solution for any homeowner that hates shoveling snow!  These heated mats can be combined in sequence to fit nearly any residential application.  Whether you need to melt the snow from the steps of your center city brownstone or you want a snow-free path to your suburban mailbox, we have the solution for you.  The guide below will answer some basic questions.  For further information, check out this video which shows a detailed explanation of the Heattrak systems.

How many HeatTrak Power Units will I need?
• You will need one HeatTrak Power Unit for each set of HeatTrak Mats. The Power Unit connects your mats to a 120v electrical outlet (standard outlet at most homes) and allows power to flow to the mats.• You can connect up to 15 Amps on a single power unit. Each HeatTrack Walkway Mat is 2.5 Amps and Each Stair Mat is 0.6 Amps. So you can connect either 5 walkway mats, 15 stair mats or any combination thereof. If you connected mats exceed 15 Amps, you will have to split up the mats and add a second power unit to plug into a separate outlet.

  • How many mats do I need?
    • Walkway mats are 20 x 60 inches. Stair Mats are 10 x 30 inches. You will need one walkway mat for every 5 feet of sidewalk and one stair mat for each stair. For example: If you have a 20 foot walkway and 3 stairs,you will need 4 walkway mats, 3 stair mats and 1 power unit.

    How do the mats connect?
    • Each mat has a male and femal connector. To connect the mats, connect the male connector on the one mat to the female connector on another mat. The power unit can only connect to the male connector on a mat.

    how do heatrak mats connect

    Do I need a 20-inch Extender?

  • • In certain instances you may need a 20 inch cable extender to create longer cable lengths between mats. Follow this rule: Starting from the power unit, whenever a stair mat leads to a walkway mat you will need a 20 inch extender.

    heattrak 20 inch extender