The Warming Store's Heated Glove Guide

Here at The Warming Store, the question of which heated gloves the staff wears is asked often. Our response? It depends on what we are doing, so we've compiled an easy guide to our heated glove selection for our customers.  We know it can be daunting to choose between all of the available heated gloves, so we've simplified the decision for you! We’ll sort through gloves, mittens, glove liners, and 12V motorcycle gloves.

Heated Gloves

The Basics: We sell heated gloves and mittens varying in price, quality, and features. Higher-end gloves will heat the fingers and thumb, lower-end gloves will have a panel that heats the palm or back of the hand. What glove is right for you depends on your wants, needs, and budget. Looking for motorcycle-specific gear? We’ve got you covered with that as well!

Entry Level Gloves and Mitts

These gloves and mitts give your hands extra oomph on days when you need it.

  • ActionHeat AA Gloves and Mitts – ­­These come in 4 varieties. Featherweight, Fleece, Textile, and Mittens. They heat on demand using standard AA batteries that you provide. Expect heat to last about 4 hours. The AA Textile Glove is our best-selling heated glove and comes in Men's and Women's versions. These gloves have a heat panel on the top of the hand that is designed to radiate heat throughout the glove. 

Mid-Level Gloves

Expect these gloves to heat all the way to the tips of your fingers. Perfect for folks with Reynaud’s, hikers, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Mobile Warming Storm Gloves – Designed for multipurpose use including riding and skiing, these 7.4V gloves are sure to keep your digits hot. These gloves ship with Mobile Warming's low-profile split-cell battery which sits balanced on your wrist. The Storm features a waterproof hybrid shell of synthetic material and goatskin leather. It’s a rugged glove that outperforms its price range.
  • Volt Tatra Gloves – This heavy-duty textile/leather glove is durable, waterproof, and flexible. Volt Gloves utilize a proprietary 7V battery that sits on the top of the wrist. The Tatra Glove heats all your fingers, your thumb, and both sides of your hand. Volt is not messing around!
  • ActionHeat Snow Gloves – These 5V gloves have a sturdy leather palm and a sleek textile outer shell. Perfect for adventures on the slopes or winning your neighborhood snowball fight. Available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • Gobi Heat Epic Gloves – The Epic gloves by Gobi Heat are an excellent choice with box finder construction with heat outlining each finger. The heating filaments are located closer to the skin, which helps with circulation. The cuff cinches down, so no cold air or snow gets in!

High-End Performance Gloves

These gloves are considered the best of the best. The finest materials, the hottest heat, and the best battery life. These are great for skiers, mountain hikes, longshoremen, or anyone who demands the best. These gloves tend to cost more but also outperform all other heated glove options. They all feature premium insulation and waterproof membranes.

  • Outdoor Research Prevail Gloves – A Warming Store Staff favorite. Outdoor Research gloves have a lifetime warranty. The Capstone Gloves feature premium EnduraLoft insulation and a GORE-TEX waterproof insert. They are even touchscreen compatible. We find these gloves to be incredibly warm, comfortable, and extremely durable. The Capstone has a double battery capacity, meaning they last twice as long as other heated gloves.
  • Zanier Aviator Gloves – The Aviator also offers double battery capacity, Primaloft insulation, and a GORE-TEX membrane liner. These gloves were first designed for use by paragliders, hence the name Aviator. As a result, they are not only very warm but offer reinforced fingers for added strength. Many consider this glove to be the best heated glove ever made.
  • Hestra Power Gloves – Hestra’s renowned gloves are now heated. Featuring a waterproof membrane and windproof leather, Hestra designed the Power Gloves to be perfect for skiers.
  • Seirus Hellfire Gloves – Seirus makes some seriously good heated gloves. The Hellfire Gloves are among the best made today and feature a long-lasting battery. The heating element covers the entire back of the hand, extends to and wraps around the fingertips. Thumbs included! Available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • Lenz 6.0 Finger Cap Gloves – Also available Women's sizes. Lenz is already well known for perhaps the best heated socks on the market. With 6.0 Finger Cap Gloves, they introduced the same premium quality and heat for your hands. Light, robust, featuring Bluetooth control and with heating elements all around your fingers and the back of your hand, these gloves are truly one of the finest out there.
  • ActionHeat Premium Gloves – This 5V USB-powered glove is newer on the market but is already making waves. The Premium Gloves have a perfectly balanced fit with less bulk and just the right amount of leather. Even so, they pump out the heat as well as any of the competitors. If you’re looking for the best trade-off between price and quality than these gloves are your pick. The ActionHeat Premium Glove utilizes a waterproof HiPora membrane, Thinsulate insulation and waterproof pocket for the USB rechargeable batteries. Are you ready for hours of outdoor fun? So is the Premium Glove! Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

Glove Liners

Glove liners are a personal favorite by many of the staff at The Warming Store. They are exactly as the name suggests: a slim-fitting heated glove made to fit inside of an existing glove or mitten. If you work outdoors and need warm hands, glove liners are a must-have. Without a glove over the glove liner, the liner will still heat but won’t hold the heat. Glove liners provide the right mix of functionality and dexterity.

  • ActionHeat Glove Liners – These liners are the perfect combination of thin material with the right amount of heat. Like other ActionHeat products, they use a rechargeable 5 Volt USB battery. The heating elements run along the fingers and thumbs for even warmth. Available in Men's and Women's sizes.
  • Mobile Warming 7.4V Glove Liners – Mobile Warming has continually set the standard in heated gear. These liners are a bit thicker than other glove liners, but they get HOT. They also feature Mobile Warming’s balanced split cell battery. 
  • Savior Heat 7V Electric Liner Gloves – These are one of the thinnest liners on the market. If you suffer from Raynaud’s, you’ll appreciate how close the heat is to your digits. Savior Heat glove liners offer high durability and maximum comfort even with prolonged wear.