So you've been thinking about purchasing a heated vest...great! Now what? There are numerous brands that offer heated vests with various styles along with a range of price points. If you're new to heated apparel, having so many options may seem intimidating! How do you choose the correct vest? Rest assured, The Warming Store staff are experts in heated apparel, so we'll do our best to help you find the right option for you.  We hope this buyer's guide will aid in your decision making. Please contact us at 888-406-1984 or for further assistance.

The most important question when shopping for a heated vest is to decide if you need a portable rechargeable battery-powered vest or hard-wired heated vest for use on a motorcycle? Most customers are looking for portable battery-powered heated vests because they are great to use anywhere to stay warm and are great for layering, while the hard-wired heated vests are designed for use when riding a motorcycle, The battery-powered vests typically use rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries whereas moto-inspired vests connect directly to a motorcycle, ATV/UTV, or snowmobile battery for power. 

Battery-Powered Heated Vests

Battery heated vests are one of the most popular battery heated garments here at The Warming Store. The secret is the versatility of heated vests. They can be used as an outer layer on crisp nights, when walking the dog, or as a mid-layer under an unheated winter coat during chilly sporting events. With a choice of fleece, puffer, or softshell construction, you can select the best garment to meet your heating needs.

  • ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Vest - Also available in Women 's sizes. The smart folks at ActionHeat have taken their state-of-the-art patented 5V signal technology and applied it to the heated vest, revolutionizing the market. ActionHeat's 5V technology allows that any 5V USB battery can be used with the ActionHeat Vests. This means unlimited battery options! This vest features a rugged softshell exterior which gives you water and wind resistance. This vest can also be used as a mid-layer under a heavier winter coat or raincoat in extreme weather conditions. ActionHeat heated garments use FAR infrared heating and ActionWave heat reflective technology to deliver hours of heat and comfort. This vest features built-in heating panels and is made with ActionFlex material that provides lightweight warmth without sacrificing comfort and versatility. the ActionHeat Softshell Vest allows you to stay warm and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before!
  • Lenz Battery Heated Vest - The Lenz 1.0 Vest is also available in Women's sizes. The Lenz Vest is unique because of its low-profile fit so it can be worn as a mid-layer or as a stand-alone heated vest. The 1.0 Heated Vest has 2 heating elements in the kidney and back areas and offers maximum comfort as well as mobility thanks to 4-way stretch and highly elastic seams. We love the Lenz 1.0 Heated Vest because of the long battery life and excellent heating performance.
  • Mobile Warming 7V Heated Softshell Vinson Vest - The Vinson Vest for men features Mobile Warming's state of the art touch-button heating technology that enables you to adjust the temperature settings quickly and easily. This great heated vest is built with powerful and durable heating panels that provide balanced heating and warmth. Constructed out of 4-way stretch softshell fabric, we know you will love the comfort, flexibility, and versatility of the Vinson Vest. This battery heated vest is also constructed with a water-resistant shell, making it perfect for skiing, hiking, working outdoors, hunting or even just walking the dog. Customers love the Vinson Heated Vest because it works great as a stand-alone vest or can be worn as a mid-layer under a larger ski jacket or heavier work coat in the extreme cold. 
  • Gerbing 7V Battery Heated Thermite Vest - The Gyde Heated Fleece Vest is powered by Gerbing's Microwire heating technology to provide maximum warmth and comfort. Gerbing Gyde's Thermite Vest is composed of deep, soft pile obtained by heavily napping the fabric with wire brushes. It is a two-sided pile fleece, which provides air space and good insulating properties, even when wet. Unlike other synthetic fleece, polyester fleece is known for its ability to resist pilling even after extended use. Gerbing developed a honeycomb structure that gives the fabric of the Thermite Vest a unique look while maintaining functionality. We love the performance and feel of the Thermite Heated Vest and we know you will too! Also available in Blue.
  • Volt 7V Battery Heated Cracow Vest - Also available in Women's sizes. The Volt 7V Insulated Heated Vest was developed to be ultra-lightweight but with stellar heat retention capabilities. Constructed out of extra soft, 20 denier mini-ripstop nylon lining with a quilted outer shell and containing 80 grams of lightweight, compressible and heat-retaining insulation, not only does the Cracow Vest heat up on command, it holds the heat better than any vest on the market. This powerful heated vest features a 3-zone heat system concentrated at the chest and back powered by a rechargeable 7V lithium battery. No matter if you climb the nearest mountain or go down the block to get groceries, the Volt Cracow Heated Vest’s form, fit and function is second to none.