1. Open package to find insoles, charger, and remote.

2. Remember to fully charge insoles for 2 hours before first use.

3. Remove plastic tab from remote to allow battery to power remote.

4. Press and hold power button on the remote and small black retangular power button beside the charging port on the insole until light on the insole begins to blink. (This will notify you that your remote has now been synced to your insole.)

5. Now you can go through the heat settings (I, II, III) on the remote to change the heat settings on the insole. Green = Low, Orange = Medium, Red = High

6. To turn off via the remote simply press the power button once and the light on the insole will turn to a slow pulse. This indicates that the heating elements have been turned off but the insoles are still in standby mode. To turn insoles off completely press and hold the power button in the back of the insole itself till all lights turn off.

*Repeat these steps with both insoles to ensure both insoles are synced to operate together.