Battery Harness Installation


  • Refer to the Seat and Battery sections of the motorcycle’s manual for installing the Battery Harness.
  • Disconnect the battery cables (negative cables first) when beginning installation.
  • We strongly recommend always using a Gerbing Battery Harness.
  • Each person should use their own Battery Harness, as well as have their own power cord and controller. Separate heated garments being used by two individuals must not be interlinked to share one Battery Harness.

Battery Harness External Connection

Gerbing Temperature Controller connects to the external Battery Harness here.


  • Be sure gear is disconnected or turned off when vehicle is not in use.
  • WARNING!: In most installations, heated clothing hooks directly to the battery and draws electricity even when the ignition is turned off.
  • Find out the vehicle's maximum electrical output capacity in watts, and then subtract that from the wattage draw when all of your vehicle’s electrical components are working. The remaining wattage number is what is available to operate additional electrical accessories, such as our heated clothing.
    • Example
    • Vehicle’s electrical output capacity = 280 watts
    • Wattage draw from electrical components = 130 watts
    • Remaining watts for heated clothing = 150 watts
  • It is possible to overload the motorcycle’s charging system by adding too many electrical accessories. If the combined electrical accessories operating at any one time consume more electrical current than the vehicle’s charging system can produce, the electrical consumption can discharge the battery and cause electrical system damage.
    • Note: the vehicle has other accessories that use electrical power needed to operate heated clothing (e.g. fuel injection system). Take all of these into account when calculating total system load.


  • Only use a fuse rated for the riding gear combination being used. Using a higher rated fuse than needed may result in the fuse not preventing electrical system overload, and thus failing to protect the circuit. This can cause damage to riding gear, vehicle, or persons.
  • Using a lower rated fuse than specified can result in the fuse continuously blowing, and the product not working as designed.
  • Installers and customers should always refer to the below fuse chart.
  • Battery Harness comes with the below fuse set. However, it does not come with a pre-installed fuse.
  • Review the chart and install the correct size fuse for the clothing combination the rider will be using.
  • When adding or changing the combination of items being used, check the fuse requirements and change the fuse as recommended in the chart below

 per pairper paireacheacheach

The amp draws listed are based on 12V calculations, when powered through a Motorcycle @ 13.8 - 14.1V the draw can be higher.

Example: Jacket at 12V is 6.9 amps and at 14.1V is 7.6 amps

Example: Gloves @ 2.2 amps + Jacket @ 6.9 amps = 9.1 amps

Fuse required = 10 amp


Use the lowest rated fuse that is rated above your calculated total electrical current draw.


Note: We strongly recommend always using a Gerbing Battery Harness.

Download the Battery Harness Installation Guide Here