We get it. You want to ride as long as the weather allows. Maybe you love touring, or your bike gets better gas mileage than your SUV. Maybe you don’t have a reason other than the feeling of freedom that a motorcycle provides. You aren’t frightened by winter, but you also don’t want to be an icicle. No matter your reasons, we’ve got you covered.

The Warming Store is proud to offer lots of 12V heated options. We’ll break it down by product category and standout products, along with a short description. As always, if you have any questions please reach out to our heated clothing experts by phone at 888-406-1984 or by email.

The Basics

There are a lot of garments to choose from, but they all must be powered, either connected to your bike’s battery through a properly fused wiring harness or through a 12V adapter. We carry both the Euro (BMW) style plugs and cigarette lighter style plugs.

Don’t need your gear on full blast? You’ll need a temperature controller! Some brands have the temperature controller built into the garment, others do not.

Heated Gloves

  • Mobile Warming – Both the Barra Gloves and Glove Liners come in a 12V version! Like all Mobile Warming apparel, the temperature controller is built into the garment. No need for extra cables!
  • Gerbing G4 Gloves – Gerbing has been making 12V gear for a long time. The G4 Gloves are setting the standard for heated gloves in the industry. Also available in Women's sizes.
  • California Heat Gloves – California Heat’s durable leather offering. Available in 8 sizes!
  • Gerbing Hero Gloves - Gerbing's short cuff heated glove works great under the cuff of your winter moto jacket or as a spring/fall glove.
  • California Heat Sportflexx Gloves – Falling somewhere between a liner and glove, the Sportflexx is a nice flexible glove for fall and spring.
  • Milwaukee Leather Gauntlet Gloves – This glove uses 12V power from the bike's battery or a small 7V battery when you’re out and about.
  • Volt Moto Gloves – Made from durable cowhide. Uses Volt's patented Zero Layer heating technology which allows you to manage your thermal comfort regardless of the temperature.

Heated Jackets and Jacket Liners

  • Milwaukee Leather Moto Jacket – This 12V fashionable cowhide leather jacket also comes with a 7.4V portable battery.
  • Mobile Warming Dual Power Jacket – Mobile Warming offers heated jackets through their Dual Power line. These high-quality jackets also come with a portable 12V battery, keeping you warm on and off your bike. Please note: Arms are only heated when attached to your motorcycle. Also available in Women's sizes.
  • Volt Heat 12V Jacket Liner – Volt’s Jacket Liner is perfect for spring or fall days when you need a windbreaker or on those colder rides to wear under your regular moto jacket.
  • Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof Jacket Liner – One of the warmest jacket liners we sell at 110 watts, the Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof liner is lightweight for comfort and mobility but packs a punch when you need it. Also available in Women's sizes.
  • California Heat 12V Jacket Liner – Constructed from a rip-stop, wind-resistant, water-repellent nylon shell makes this liner very lightweight and highly compressible.
  • Gerbing 12V Jacket Liner - The 12V Jacket Liner that started the revolution in heated motorcycle gear. Gerbing has been trusted to manufacture the highest quality heated clothing and offers a lifetime warranty on the performance of their patented Microwire™ Heating Elements.

Heated Vests and Vest Liners

  • Gerbing 12V Vest Liners – Gerbing knows the heated moto apparel industry better than anyone. They really build their products to last. The Gerbing Vest Liner has heating panels on the chest and back but truly kicks it up a notch with the heated collar.
  • Mobile Warming Dual Power Vest – Like the Mobile Warming Dual Power Jacket, the Dual Power Vest doesn’t require you to be tethered to your bike to stay warm. It also has a built-in temperature controller. Convenient! Also available in Women's sizes.
  • Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus Vest – The Synergy Pro-Plus Vest is constructed out of a polyester wind- and water-resistant softshell exterior fabric with a nylon interior liner. The Lycra side stretch panels provide added comfort and a superior fit.