Mittens are the warmest option available when choosing how to heat your hands. Mittens may stir up memories of being bundled up like the little brother in “A Christmas Story”. Heated mittens, however, offer huge benefits on the frozen tundra, on the trails, or on the slopes. Below are our favorites. Click on the links to learn more!

  • Ravean 7V Mittens - Ravean is one of the "coolest" brands in the heated clothing space. Their mittens are no different. They are sleek looking, goatskin leather, and even use YKK zippers. They are fair priced and pretty darn fancy.
  • Hester Power Heater Mitts - Hestra is known for being one of the best glove brands in the ski space. Their heated gloves and mittens are no different. They are super high quality and use small batteries for a super comfortable fit.
  • ActionHeat 5V Mittens - ActionHeat is always a great option for 5V power bank powered gear. The mittens are pretty thin and the heating system is powerful so keeps you super warm. 
  • Volt Maxima 7V Mittens - Volt is known for super high-quality gloves and mittens. They use super high-quality materials and battery cells for a long-lasting, comfortable experience.