The Basics

There are a lot of garments to choose from, but they all must be powered, connecting to your bike’s battery either through a properly fused wiring harness or through a 12V adapter. We carry both the Euro (BMW) style plugs and cigarette lighter style plugs.

Don’t need your gear on full blast? You’ll need a temperature controller! Some brands have the temperature controller built into the garment, but most do not.

Heated Jackets and Jacket Liners

  • Gerbing 12V Jacket Liner - The 12V Jacket Liner that started the revolution in heated motorcycle gear. Gerbing has been trusted to manufacture the highest quality heated clothing and offers a lifetime warranty on the performance of their patented Microwire™ Heating Elements.
  • Milwaukee Leather Moto Jacket – This 12V fashionable cowhide leather jacket also comes with a 7.4V portable battery.
  • Mobile Warming Dual Power Jacket – Mobile Warming offers heated jackets through their Dual Power line. These high-quality jackets also come with a portable 12V battery, keeping you warm on and off your bike. Please note: Arms are only heated when attached to your motorcycle. Also available in Women's sizes.
  • Volt Heat 12V Jacket Liner – Volt’s Jacket Liner is perfect for spring or fall days when you need a windbreaker or on those colder rides to wear under your regular moto jacket.
  • Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof Jacket Liner – One of the warmest jacket liners we sell at 110 watts, the Warm & Safe Generation Waterproof liner is lightweight for comfort and mobility but packs a punch when you need it. Also available in Women's sizes.
  • California Heat 12V Jacket Liner – Constructed from a rip-stop, wind-resistant, water-repellent nylon shell makes this liner very lightweight and highly compressible.
  • Tourmaster Synergy Pro-Plus 12V Heated Jacket - Coming from a trusted brand in the motorcycle world, this Tourmaster Heated Jacket features 7 heating elements, including a heated collar.