The Basics

There are a lot of garments to choose from, but they all must be powered, connecting to your bike’s battery either through a properly fused wiring harness or through a 12V adapter. We carry both the Euro (BMW) style plugs and cigarette lighter style plugs.

Don’t need your gear on full blast? You’ll need a temperature controller! Some brands have the temperature controller built into the garment, but most do not.

12V Heated Footwear

Do your feet get cold during long rides? Yep, we got you! Here is a list of some of our favorite heated footwear items.

  • Gerbing 12V Heated Insoles - As expected, Gerbing comes in for the win! The classic heated insoles are one of the best ways to keep your feet warm on a long ride. 
  • California Heat 12V Motorcycle Heated Sock Liners - Sock liners fit nicely under any other sock and will still fit in your biking shoes. Just another classic way to stay warm on a long ride. They are similar to the old Gerbing 12V sock liners.
  • Warm & Safe Heated Socks - The name says it all; Warm and Safe. When your feet are cold, you are cold. Super thin, lots of heat, just an all-around good product.