Circulatory (Pumped Water) Cooling Vests


The circulatory vests are the most advanced and the coolest (temperature-wise) of the cooling vests. Based on technology developed by NASA, these vests and one shirt work by circulating cool water through non-kink tubing around the wearer’s body. As this water moves thrasd asough the system it removes heat from your body which cools you down. This water then flows back through the system unit to a reserve of ice-cold water. The circulating water then automatically cools before being re-circulated around the vest.

  • Come in different power options including 12V battery and standard outlet.
  • Provide a cooler temperature than both evaporative and phase changing cooling vests.
  • Works in high humidity.
  • Available as shirts and vests.
  • Can be used as rehabilitation stations for construction workers or emergency services.

Best Phase Change Cooling Vests Available

  1. AlphaCool 7V Circulatory Cooling Vest
  2. CompCooler Backpack ICE Water Cooling System
  3. AlphaCool 12V Motorcycle Circulatory Cooling Vest
  4. Cool Shirt MobileCool 2 Complete Kit

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