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As the Leading Heated Apparel Store in the World, we can provide some great, in depth knowledge of heated gloves.

Here at The Warming Store we are asked daily "Which Heated Gloves do you wear?" and our typical response is "Depends on what we are doing!"  So, we decided to make a nice and easy guide to our heated glove selection.  

In this Heated Glove Guide we will breakdown the dynamics of buying heated gloves.  We know it can be daunting to choose between our selection of 100's of heated gloves, so we will simplify things for you!  

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The Basics:

We sell heated gloves ranging from $19.99 to $500. When we say "heated gloves", we literally mean they have heating elements built into the gloves that are powered by batteries.  

We have some gloves that use "AA" batteries like the ActionHeat and we have many that use Ion-Lithium re-chargeable batteries like the Gerbing S3.

The Heated Gloves Rule of Thumb

Any glove priced under $129 will not heat the fingers and thumb.  They will only heat the hand.  Those priced higher will typically heat the hand, fingers and thumb.

Price Breakdown:

In the Heated Glove world, you get what you pay for! If you want long-lasting, well made heated gloves, you will need to get pricier gloves. You won't need to break your budget but you will probably need to be in the $150-$250 range to get a better quality glove. The quality, design, and efficiency goes up drastically as the price increases. That said, there are plenty of lower priced gloves and mittens that work great in all price ranges.

Heated Gloves: Under $150:

  • ActionHeat AA Battery Heated Fleece Gloves - The ActionHeat AA Heated Fleece Gloves are great for any outdoor activity. With an easy on/off button it's easy to add warmth and keep your hands nice and toasty.
  • AlphaHeat 7V Rechargeable Battery Heated Gloves - AlphaHeat 7V heated gloves are great to wear around every day and feature heating throughout the fingers and thumb as well as the back of the hand. These heated gloves are a premium value for anyone looking for rechargeable heated gloves.
  • AlphaHeat AA Battery Heated Mittens - The Alpha Heat AA Battery Heated Mittens are perfect for cold winter days and nights. These powerful heated mitts are powered by AA batteries and will heat up to around 120º.  
  • Glovii 12V Motorcycle Gloves - Glovii heated clothing is a unique solution allowing you to maintain thermal comfort even on the coldest days of the year. Glovii products stand out, thanks to the use of heated carbon fibres, which have a positive effect on blood circulation by emitting infrared waves.
  • Volt Heat 7V Battery Heated Mitts - Volt heated mittens have been a best seller for years because of their amazing value and performance. Here at The Warming Store, we always recommend Volt mitts because we know our customers are going to love them!


Heated Gloves: Price Range $149.99-$249.99

This is the most common price range for heated gloves. All gloves in this range will have heated hands and fingers and will provide 2+ hours of heat. This is by far our largest group of heated gloves.

  • AlphaHeat Premium 7V Battery Heated Gloves - The AlphaHeat premium heated gloves provide full finger and thumb heat and feature Thinsulate for maximum heat retention. These great battery powered gloves are guaranteed to keep your hands warmer no matter what the weather conditions. Great for skiing, riding, hiking, hunting, shoveling snow and and other work/play activity in a cold environment. These gloves will allow you to forget about the cold and let you focus more on enjoying your time outdoors.
  • Gerbing S3 Men's Heated Gloves - 7V Battery - Gerbing's heated snow gloves are arguably the best heated gloves in the world. The Gerbing S3 gloves provide full hand heat to the fingertips to keep you warmer than ever.
  • Gerbing Gyde Featherweight Casual Heated Gloves for Women - 7V Battery - The new Gyde Casual Heated Gloves are perfect for your everyday battle against cold hands. This new slim fit heated glove is powered by Gerbing's Microwire technology to provide ultimate heating performance and comfort. Now you can stay warm without all the bulk and feel the instant heat with the touch of a button.
  • Gerbing EX Heated Gloves - 12V Motorcycle - The Gerbing EX Heated Motorcycle Gloves are Gerbing's most advanced riding gloves available. Build with patented Gerbing Microwire technology, these gloves look great and provide the most advanced heated available.
  • Volt Frostie 7V Battery Heated Gloves - The Volt Frostie heated gloves were designed to provide dexterity and warmth. Constructed with a soft leather palm and and a stretch nylon shell to help promote a form fit. The Frostie gloves will not only keep you warm but they will also keep you dry as they include a waterproof/breathable membrane.
  • Venture Heat Epic 2 Battery Heated Gloves - The Epic 2 Gloves are a staple in our collection. We have been carrying these since the beginning and are one of our best sellers of all time. They have a real "ski glove" feel to them and boast great heat for all outdoor activities.   Venture uses a small duel battery system allowing for a very comfortable feel...almost unnoticeable while on.
  • Ansai Mobile Warming Men's LTD Softshell Glove - One of only a few WATERPROOF heated gloves. Mobile Warming did a great job with the design of the LTD Softshell gloves for 2014. Featuring a wool liner and Nanomax™ waterproof breathable membrane, they keep you warm and dry even in the coldest
  • Mobile Warming Barra Leather/Textile Heated Gloves - Mobile Warming Barra leather/textile heated motorcycle glove is the latest offering from Mobile Warming for heated motorcycle gloves.
  • Volt Titan Waterproof Leather Heated Gloves for Men - The Volt Titans are one of our favorite gloves on the market.  We sell a ton of these every winter because they are one of the only waterproof heated gloves in this price range.  They are leather and have long lasting battery life (2-8hrs).

 Heated Gloves: Price Range $249.99+

As we mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for when it comes to heated clothing. This year we brought in many new HIGH END heated gloves to cater to the adventurer who needs THE BEST gloves available. All of the high-end elite gloves featured heated fingers and they are all water resistant.

  • Gerbing Next Gen Heated Gloves - Gerbing is known as one of the leaders in heated technology. Using their special micro-wire heating, the Next Gens are the top of the class for Gerbing. With a new style, more efficient and comfortable battery system, they improved their heat setting to 3-7hrs. With a max heat of 135 degrees you will stay warm for hours! Probably our most popular higher end glove because of price and performance.
  • Gerbing Gyde S4 Heated Gloves - 7V Battery - The S4 7 volt glove features an external controller that regulates the temperature with three optimum heat levels. The 7.4V 4R lithium battery is secured in a pocket on the top side of the gauntlet for increased freedom of motion during almost any outdoor activity.
  • Ansai Mobile Warming Men's LTD Max Leather Glove - One of the only "water-proof" heated gloves, made with genuine leather. Using a 7V battery system allows for long last heat up to 8-10 hours on the lowest setting. This is a great option for the outdoor enthusiast looking for a high-end glove on a budget.
  • Zanier Heat GTX Men's Heated Gloves – Zanier is known as one of the nicest and highest end brands in the Ski world.       They definitely don’t disappoint with their new Heat GTX Gloves. With an insane 12 hour (low setting) battery life, they perform with as one of the best gloves we have ever seen.
  • Zanier Aviator GTX Heated Gloves – Like the Heat GTX, the Zanier Aviator Gloves performance is one of the best on the market. The great battery life,ultra-thin design, and extra-long cuff make it one of the best heated gloves for skiing.
  • Hestra Elite Heated Gloves – The name says it all… these gloves are ELITE! With the high end design and innovative windproof, waterproof and breathable HESTRA Triton/Flextron polyamide fabric, they make for one of our top 3 quality gloves.    

Heated Glove Liners: Price Range $99.99-$189.99

Glove Liners are one of the faster growing products in the heated glove category. People love their hands warm but also still want dexterity so they can continue with any activity. We carry many great Heated Glove Liner options. All glove liners use ion-lithium rechargeable batteries. Heated Liners are are meant to be worn underneath another glove to trap the heated created.

  • Gerbing Battery Heated Glove Liner - Gerbing is one of the top brands in heated clothing and has one of the best heated glove liners as well. The liners run off a unique 7V battery system that used two smaller batteries that wrap around the wrist for comfort and convenience. We definitely recommend this liner as one of our favorites.
  • Mobile Warming Heated Glove Liners - 7V Battery - Mobile Warming Heated 7.4v Glove Liners are truly unique as they can fit under any glove you choose to.
  • Venture Heat Battery Heated Glove Liners - The Venture Glove Liner is probably our most popular glove liner we sell. Great price. Great quality glove. Very good heat throughout the entire glove. Each glove is powered by a 7.4Volt / 1700 mAh (total 3400mAh 3.7V) Lithium ion battery that allows for long lasting heat. They are made of a stretchable poly-spandex fabric so they easily fit under gloves or mittens.
  • Glovii Battery Heated Glove Liners - The Glovii will take care of your comfort and will let you forget... about frozen hands.The thumb and the index finger of the glove are finished with special fabric allowing for operating touch screens.
  • Thermo Gloves Heated Glove Liners - The Thermo Gloves are conveniently priced for everyday use. They come with a nice carrying case for trips and use rechargeable 2.7 Li-Ion Polymer batteries. They will not get as hot as some of the other liners but will definitely keep you warm.

 Heated Mittens Guide:

  • Gerbing Heated Mittens – Using the same batteries throughout most Gerbing products, the Heated Mittens definitely fit right into their great array of heated apparel. The Mittens heat your whole hand and boast up to 6-8 hours of heated (Low Setting).
  • Volt Heated Mittens – The Volt Mittens are our most popular mittens we sell. The mix of great price and great quality makes for the perfect heated mittens. At a bit lower price of $119.99-$149.99, the Volt Mittens will not disappoint.
  • Zanier Hot GTX Heated Mittens – Lasting a serious 8-10 hours on low and 2-3 hours on high, the Zanier Hot GTX are built for the rugged outdoors. Featuring 100% Goatskin Leather & Polyester, the Hot GTX are one of the most comfortable mitten we sell!
  • Venture Epic 2 Battery Heated Mittens – One of our top 3 selling mittens for the last 3 winters, we love and definitely recommend the Epic 2 Mittens! Venture always provides long-lasting heat and a great comfortable feel. Venture features one of the smallest batteries on the market, making the gloves and mittens fit snug and comfortably.
  • Hestra Elite Mittens – Hestra comes through again with their new Elite Heated Mittens. Using True-Fit Euro sizing, Hestra makes it easy to find a perfect fit. Hestra’s unique even heating system makes the Elite Mittens one of the fastest selling mittens this winter!
  • Ansai Mobile Warming LTD Max Heated Leather Mittens - Unisex - We understand the need of your hands. That is why we designed Mobile Warming Heated gloves- one of the best heated gloves you will find around.

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