Below are the Gerbing/Gyde instructions you requested.  Hope this helps!




 Battery Harness and Fuse Choice


 Step 1: Start by laying battery harness on table. A battery harness and set of fuses is included with every garment.


Step 2: Snake harness through frame to somewhere accessible. All jacket connections are on the wearers left side, so connect harness to left side of bike.


Step 3: Connect the power source directly to the garment or to a temperature controller. In order to accommodate your individual preference for heating comfort, Gerbing strongly recommends using our temperature controllers with any heated gear purchase; this is a requirement for multiple hookups.


 Step 4: Use a fuse rated for the riding gear selected.


Step 5: When you ADD or CHANGE the combination of items, check the fuse requirements and change fuse as needed.


Step 6: Use the lowest rated fuse that is rated ABOVE your total calculated current draw Ex: Gloves 2.2 amp + Jacket 6.9 amp = 9.1 amp, Fuse required: 10 amp AMP DRAW GUIDE Gloves = 2.2 amp Socks = 2.2 amp Jacket = 6.9 amp Pants = 4.0 amp Vest = 4.2 amp *Gloves, socks and insoles come with battery and Y-Harness Connecting to factory


12v Outlet


 TIP #1: Gerbing can plug into any 12v outlet on your bike, ATV, etc. (if it has a CanBus installed, we recommend using a battery harness to bypass CanBus)


TIP #2: If you have a cigarette connection, you can buy the 12v adapter to convert to the Gerbing coax plug. This will plug directly into your temp controller

TIP #3: We sell accessory ports that can be powered directly from battery that provides convenient access to power for your heated gear.

TIP #4: Plug can be installed anywhere with an inch of clearance behind port (fairings, etc.)




 #1: If you already have a battery tender or SAE cable coming off your bike, you can still use both powered accessories with only one battery harness coming off your bike.


TIP #2: It is recommended to purchase the COAX to SAE to run the battery tender when needed. This will make sure the power has the proper fuse attached to it for running your heated gear. The Gerbing harness has the correct gauge wire for the application.


TIP # 3: Keep the SAE adaptor connected to the battery tender for ease of use when you pull into your garage.


How to Power and Control Your Gerbing Heated Gear


 TIP #1: Temperature Neutral is key to riding comfort. Using a controller will allow the rider to adjust heat levels to riding conditions and personal comfort levels. This will avoid getting too hot or too cold.


TIP #2: Single Temp Controllers provide 1 temperature adjustment for all heated gear


TIP #3: Dual Temp Controllers provide 2 separate zones for heating

• First zone is the jacket (white wire). This lives on a separate circuit that allows the rider to adjust the temperature of the jacket separately from all other accessories.

• Second zone is the accessories (Black wire). All items (pants, gloves, socks/insoles) are controlled with one temperature. You cannot separate temp between gloves and pant liner, but you can control them separately from the jacket.

• The red wire always goes to the battery source


 TIP #4: Permanent Temp Controllers mount to the motorcycle. If you use more than one motorcycle with your heated gear, you will need a controller on each bike.


 TIP #5: Portable Temp Controllers can be put in a pocket or a belt clip and can travel from bike to bike, as long as there is a 12v power source and the appropriate connection (12v accessory plug or pre-installed battery harness)


 **It is recommended that you turn your controller or on/off switch to the off position prior to starting your motorcycle.

**Do not leave your heated gear turned on unattended (pre-heat).

 **Do not use any adapter by another manufacturer or any homemade apparatus, doing so could result in damage to gear or motorcycle.