Welcome to The Warming Store's Battery Heated Footwear Buyer's Guide Guide 

Heated Socks  

The Basics:

We sell a wide range of heated socks. Some cost as little as $30 and some upwards of $400. All heated socks are designed to do one thing: keep your toes toasty warm. Let's walkthrough the basic categories of heated socks by quality and price.

Battery Powered Socks

  • ActionHeat “AA” Heated Socks  – By far our most popular sock! They are comfortable, stylish and easy to wear. ActionHeat battery heated apparel utilizes innovative technology designed to warm the core body temperature. These revolutionary garments feature built-in heating panels and are made with ActionFlex material that provides lightweight warmth, comfort, and versatility. Powered by 3 AA batteries, the heating element is on the ball of the foot by the toes. Great for hunting, snow sports, snowmobiling, working outside, motorcycle riding, and even just walking the dog. These socks are also available in Wool.  
  • Nordic Gear Lectra Sox – Lectra Sox are a great lower-end option for the beginner in the heated sock world. They are a wool mix and are available in a Wader Style. Each sock requires 1 "D" battery which provides 6-8 hours of comfortable warmth. These socks have an Accessible battery pouch for easy heat control, which features a Snap on/off control for easy operation. They are designed to be safe even when wet, made with Hollofill high-tech fiber for maximum moisture wicking. The recessed channel built into the leg and toe area, keep the heating unit flush with the sock.  The comfortable cushioning in the sole of the Lectra Sox will make this one of the most favorite socks you own.
  • Terramar Battery Heated Socks  – Terramar socks are another low cost heated sock option. These socks are powered by 1 "9V" battery per sock. For best performance, use high quality "9V" alkaline batteries. You'll receive about 4-5 hours of heat.

Rechargeable Battery Powered Socks

  • ActionHeat 3.7V Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks  – Our most popular rechargeable sock we sell. Similar to the AA socks except these socks come with 3.7V batteries that are rechargeable for easy use. The heating element is on the ball of the foot by the toes. These socks have 3 heating levels. On low the heat can last around 8 hours, on high you can expect around 2.5 hours. These socks are also available in moisture wicking Wool.  
  • ActionHeat Rechargeable 5V Battery Heated Socks –  This is ActionHeat’s newest sock. These are the warmest socks on the market and offer great value! These are only available in premium moisture wicking wool. They use a super functional 5V USB battery bank which, in a pinch you, could be used to charge your phone! These are easily one of the nicest socks on the market.
  • Volt 3V Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks (also available in Grey) – Volt's sock is unique with its thin spandex feel and comfortable large heating sole that heats from the toes all the way back to the heal. They get very warm and last up to 6 hours on the lowest of its four heat settings, despite having a small battery. As an added bonus these use a remote to select the heat settings! We highly recommend these socks for the casual sportsman, hunter, or anyone with cold feet. 
  • Mobile Warming 3V Rechargeable Battery Heated Socks with Remote   – The Mobile Warming Heated socks feature antibacterial tri-blend construction that resists odors and moisture wicking high-stretch fabric that pulls sweat away from the skin. These Heated Socks use slim Lithium-ion batteries that power ultra-fine heating elements. Use the wireless controller to select up to 3 heat settings to enjoy up to 10 hours of warmth per charge to stay warm and comfortable in any cold conditions.    

Ski Specific Gear

Lenz Socks – Lenz makes the absolute finest socks on the market. Lenz socks utilize bluetooth technology for temperature control and materials like merino wool and silk. These socks are made for the ski market but will work really well for anyone with cold feet. Lenz makes a few models of socks varying in price and materials used.

  • Heat Sock 6.0 – This is Lenz's brand new premium sock. It's the first sock on the market that uses super soft merino wool for compression. The 6.0 sock is perfect for winter athletes.

  • HeatSock 5.0 – The Lenz 5.0 Heated Socks are one of the Fastest selling and highly ranked heated socks on the market, featuring the only fully heated toe cap (top and bottom) in all of the heated clothing industry.

  • Heat Sock 4.0 – This is the sock the really revolutionized Lenz brand of quality products. It runs a bit thicker than the other Lenz socks and are a synthetic-wool blend.     

Hotronic Insoles – Hotronic is a manufacturer of ski boot insoles and heating elements. They have a wide range of products allowing for customizing to your needs. 

  • S4 Universal Insole – Hotronic's newest boot insole offer. The kit is super functional! Got your own insoles already? No worries! Grab their custom kit!
  • BD Anatomic Insoles – if you already have Hotronic batteries then these insoles are plug-and-play. If you want heat and need support than these are what you're looking for.

Therm-ic Insoles – Therm-ic has really been the pioneer in ski boot insoles, as well as many other products. Their newest line of C-Pack insoles included Bluetooth technology, USB charging, and crazy good battery life. 

  • Their 1700 series will heat up to 17 hours between charges. That's insane!
  • Mix and match batteries, insoles, and heating elements!

Heated Insoles
Heated insoles are a great way to keep the feet warm that also offer a more durable solution.

  • ActionHeat Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles – The ActionHeat battery heated insoles will keep you warm for hours on end during any cold weather activity. Using a convenient remote for easy temperature regulation, the ActionHeat insoles are great for people with cold feet! The easy to use insoles will last 7+ hours and are USB rechargeable. These top of the line heated insoles have targeted heating panels around the ball of your foot and your toes.  
  • Thermacell Heated Insoles – One of the most popular insoles we sell is also a blend of high quality and great price. The Thermacell Insoles come in 5 sizes to ensure a great fit and even come with a remote control with two different heat settings. They are perfect for everyday use and are customizable to fit your shoe perfectly.
  • ThermaCell ProFlex Heated Insoles – The ProFlex Insole brings the best elements of the ThermaCell brand with its unique removable and rechargeable batteries. They are truly one of the best new insoles on the market. Powered by lightweight, removable, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries embedded in the insoles, these insoles slip easily into your boots or shoes. Controlled by an easy-to-use remote control, the insoles offer three temperature settings: High (111°F), Medium (100°F), and Off (no heat).
  • Glovii Heated Insoles - Glovii is one of our favorite new brands with their awesome heated glove liners, they now have well designed heated insoles. Comes with a simple 4 Key remote control. The heating system is powered by high capacity Li-polymer battery, safe & working a long time. All these: high-quality material & our careful work make it a comfortable, warm, easy-to-use, long-life heated insoles.