Do you have a brand that you think would be perfect for or one of our other sites? You are in luck! We are looking for new brands in all categories. We obviously specialize in heated gear but we are rapidly expanding our product selections and would love to hear about your brand!

Here are the best ways to get a quick review.


  • We typically get at least keystone (50% margins) due to the volume we eventually buy throughout a season. Remember, the better the margins, the more money we will spend growing your brand with our customer base. We spend millions of dollars advertising and have an enormous customer and e-mail list. 
  • If you drop-ship, please let us know. We prefer to stock items in one of our warehouses, but drop-shipping is a great option with new brands or in emergencies if we run out of an item.
  • We ask for a daily or weekly ATS (Inventory Report) sent to We prefer a CSV file with Name, SKU, UPC, QTY.
  • If you have a MAP policy, just let us know. We prefer an "even playing field" for all retailers. We are confident in our ability to produce the best content and properly market your brand to generate sales.
  • We do sell on 3rd party sites with some products. We make sure to maintain MAP. We do this to grow the brands and make it easier for customers to find your brands. If you have any issues with 3rd party sites like AMZ, Ebay, etc. please let us know.

Please email us at with your brand & product information. If we feel your brand is a good fit, we will touch base with the next steps. 

We are excited to work with you... touch base anytime!